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Maximizing the lifespan of veterinary instruments and ensuring optimal results


From precleaning to finishing—explore the Securos Surgical Instrument Care System with Adam Christman, DVM, MBA

Sponsored by Securos Surgical / AmeriSource Bergen

Hey, everyone, I'm Adam Christman, Chief Veterinary Officer here at dvn360®, and I'm here today to introduce you to a product line that will make a huge difference in your veterinary practice. Securos Surgical offers a line of surgical instruments, care, and wellness products to keep your instruments sharp, clean, and ready for every procedure. Whether you're performing spays, neuters, dentals, or orthopedics, you know how important it is to have reliable and high-quality instruments that can perform flawlessly every time. But you also know how challenging it could be to maintain them properly and prevent them from rusting, dulling, or even breaking. That's why Securos Surgical offers a complete range of products to help you develop a comprehensive instrument care protocol that covers every step from pre-cleaning to lubricating and refinishing. These products are specially designed to work together to ensure optimal results and extend the life of your instruments.

Alright, let's dive right in and see how the Securos Surgical system works and why it's so effective. Post-surgery, outside of patient care, the most important next step is to care for your instruments. If you are unable to clean your instruments within 10 minutes following a procedure, let the instrument prep-clean foaming spray save the day. It is a safe and ideal method for keeping soiled instruments and scopes moist and helps to prevent bioburden from adhering to the surface until you're ready to start the manual cleaning process. This product will save you from having to spend excessive amounts of time scrubbing your instruments. This product is safe enough to spray repeatedly until you are ready to begin cleaning. So let me give you a little demonstration.

So here are some instruments after a dental cleaning. Go ahead and spray a little bit, throw them on in. Maybe you have a little bit of blood in there, brush some of that out, spray away. Here you can see the Securos Instrument Prep-Clean Foaming Spray. So what does it do? It helps to prevent dried-on bioburden from damaging your instruments and will begin the process of breaking down blood fat, protein, and carbohydrates. The best part is it has a neutral pH, is non-abrasive, and it will not harm any metals, plastics, rubber, or corrugated tubing. That means it's safe for all instruments and scopes, and it even extends the usable lifetime of your instruments. That's why Securos Instrument Prep Clean Foaming Spray is such a game-changer for your instrument care protocol. It will save you time, money, and hassle by making your pre-cleaning process faster and easier.

Okay, so we already talked about the first step in any instrument care protocol, and we saw how the Securos Instrument Prep Clean Foaming Spray can keep your instruments moist and prevent the bio-burden from adhering to the surface until you're ready to start the manual cleaning process. Now, let's move on to the next step. Manual and ultrasonic cleaning prior to sterilization is an essential step in your instrument care protocol. While manual cleaning is an effective method of removing visible bio-burden, it is highly recommended to also use an ultrasonic cleaner. The ultrasonic forces can reach into every part of the instrument's surface and dislodge accumulated microscopic particles. Using a good ultrasonic cleaning solution will make the most of the machine's capabilities. Securos has two options for you depending on the type of instrument you're cleaning and when you're cleaning your instruments.

First, the Multi-Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner is the best in-class detergent with superior soil penetration and suspension. It rapidly breaks down tough-to-clean medical soils, including the multi-layers of bio-burden and prevents redisposition. An enzymatic detergent works best when instruments are cleaned immediately following surgery. If you're using the Multi-Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner , there is no need to pre-treat your instruments before beginning the manual cleaning process. The Multi-Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner is not recommended for use on ophthalmic instruments. Here's what the Multi-Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner looks like and here's what it can do. It has enhanced enzymatic activity combined with superior detergency that rapidly removes protein-rich medical soils and bio-burden. So I have a little water in here just to give you an idea of what that looks like. Throw a little bit of that in and then we'll put some of the instruments that we might have just did. Say, for example, from a spay and throw them on in, like that. It is instantly and constantly active and begins cleaning on contact. It is highly effective in both hard and soft water, and in all water temperatures. And finally, it has a neutral pH range, is non-abrasive, low foaming, free-rinsing, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly, which is so important these days.

Then Secura has the Power-Ease Instrument Cleaner, which is a premium non-enzymatic detergent designed for use in all washers, washer sterilizations, ultrasonics, and for manual cleaning. Optimal for ophthalmic and delicate instruments as well. If you're using the Power-Ease Instrument Cleaner, it's recommended to pre-treat your instruments if you're unable to begin the manual process within 10 minutes post-surgery. And here is the Power-Ease Instrument Cleaner. This bad boy removes protein, blood, tissue, fat, and any organic soils by automatic washers, ultrasonic cleaners, or manual cleaning. It can be used on all surgical instruments, plastics, glassware, and rubber tubing. It is odorless, non-sudsing, maintains high detergency, and exceptional cleaning in hard, soft, cold, or hot water. Just put a little bit of that in. And then we'll throw some of those instruments in as well. Just to give you an idea of what that looks like. Voila. It can be used on all surgical instruments, plastic, glassware, and rubber tubing. It is odorless, non-sudsing, maintains high detergency, and exceptional cleaning in hard, soft, cold, or hot water. Best of all, it is biodegradable and contains no phosphates or NTA. So as you can see, Securos offers you two great options for manual and ultrasonic cleaning that will ensure optimal results and extend the life of your instruments.

And that brings us to part three of the Securos system, lubricating and refinishing. Preventing the wear and tear of your instruments and autoclave is crucial to their lifetime use and your investment. Using a lubricant to keep parts moving smoothly and with reduced friction is key to prolonging the useful life of your instruments. Using a thorough, deep cleaning product such as the Instrument Revitalizer on a semi-annual basis is a great way to boost your regular cleaning protocol. The multi-use Foaming Autoclave Cleaner can also be used to make your stainless carts, tables and cages shine like new again. So let's dive in. So the Pre-Mix Instrument Lubricant provides permanent lubrication and protection for all surgical instruments. It's available in both spray and immersion applications. This is what this looks like. So for example, if I wanna put it on a couple of instruments here, like some hemostats, forceps, and needle holders. Just to give you an idea of what that looks like. It is a high-grade mineral oil lubricant and rust inhibitor that prevents rust, spot stains and corrosion, thus prolonging the life of the instrument. It also prevents damage due to the misuse of stiff or grinding instruments that reduce repair and replacement costs. And lastly, it is steam penetrable, steam sterilizable and ETO sterilizable. It is non-oily, non-sticky, non-toxic and silicone-free.

The Instrument Revitalizer is a safe, efficient and quick revitalizing solution for stainless steel surgical instruments, trays, basins and case carts in ultrasonic machines. The product removes rust, stains, spotting, hardwater scale and mineral deposits frequently encountered from sterilization. It also helps to loosen stiff joints and lock. It is free rinsing, non-aerosol and once again, environmentally safe. And just throwing some instruments in. And last but not least, we have the Foaming Autoclave Cleaner. The Foaming Autoclave Cleaner is a safe, efficient, and quick foaming revitalizing solution. The Foaming Autoclave Cleaner may remove delicate finishes, so use on surgical instruments is not recommended. It has a foaming spray that remains on walls longer for better penetration. It also eliminates all noxious odors, and most importantly, it restores the original finish to autoclaves, carts, and trays.

As you can see, Securos offers you a variety of products that will help you protect your instruments from rusting, dulling, or breaking. Whether you choose the Pre-Mix Instrument Lubricant, the Instrument Revitalizer, or the Foaming Autoclave Cleaner, you can rest assured that you're getting a high-quality product that is safe for your instruments and for the environment. But before we wrap up, I want to tell you about some other services that Securos offers to help you keep your practice sharp. Securos also provides repair services for your instruments, such as regular maintenance and repairs with quick quality service. You can easily access online forms and free pickup shipping tags from their website. They also offer customizable color marking and organizational systems for your instruments. And they can help you save on the cost of ownership by extending the life of your instruments and reducing the need for replacements. And last but not least, Securos also has a line of instruments that are made with premium German stainless steel and are priced 30% lower on average than their competitors. These instruments are reliable, durable, and come with free servicing for the lifetime of the instrument. You can find a wide range of instruments for different types of surgery, such as spays, neuters, dentals, or orthopedics. With Securos, you get quality, reliability, and value for your surgical instrument care and purchase. Securos is with you for life and is an investment in your practice. Thank you for watching, everybody. I'm Adam Christman from dvm360®. See you all next time.

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