Letters: For many, affordable insurance is an oxymoron


Many insured Americans can't afford co-pays or prescriptions.

Many insured Americans can't afford co-pays or prescriptions. And I won't start to address the problems of obtaining medical care faced by the poor, working or otherwise. Dr. Miller, unless you live on a different planet, you must be aware of the existence of these problems, even if not of the scope. Your experiences, or lack thereof, don't negate their existence. Do you truly feel that the problem of unaffordable medical care is solely the problem of those who cannot afford it? How do you suggest these problems be solved without government intervention? Do you think medical insurance and pharmaceutical companies are in the business of providing affordable medical care for real people? Or are they in business to maximize profits for themselves and their shareholders? So far, free market, competitive capitalism, as applied to both medical insurance and pharmaceutical companies, hasn't come up with a solution to the lack of affordable medical care for all, or even most. Nor do I have any hope they will do so without government intervention.

Linda S. Clark, MA, DVM

Davis, Calif.

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