Letters: Concern about responsible antibiotic use


A reader questions the AVMA's stance on antibiotic use in food animals.

In response to a letter on antibiotic use in food animals by Dr. Rene Carlson (February 2012), I think it is unconscionable that a veterinarian should justify the use of antibiotics in food animals for anything other than medical reasons. It is not only harmful to humans and society, but it is also poor judgment to do so in economic terms. I suggest that anyone who disagrees visit a food store and compare the quality and cost of meat from free-ranging animals in which no additives were used vs. the ones treated with additives. Our association should be in the forefront to convince producers that raising food animals can and should be ethical, sound in medical judgment, and profitable to the producer. Instead, our medical approach is reminiscent of a period long past.

Joseph Hardy, DVM

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