Letter to the Editor: Ear cropping not cruel, when done right


One doctor defends the practice of ear cropping.

I've been reading in DVM Newsmagazine and other magazines about ear cropping, docking tails and declawing cats. The AVMA, veterinarians and veterinary schools conclude that it is inhumane and unnecessary. Since when has it become your right to tell other pet owners what they may do with their animals as long as the animals are taken care of properly?

Not only that, you want to make a law that prevents a veterinarian from doing these procedures. I cannot believe that veterinarians, the AVMA, and the veterinary schools want breeders and the lay people to crop ears. We have enough of this going on now with breeders cutting their ears at a week old and pouring flour on their ears to stop the bleeding, not to mention the pain and suffering that occurs without giving anesthesia.

I contend that the only reason some veterinarians wish to discontinue this procedure is that they are unable to do it successfully and don't want to be bothered with the aftercare. It appears to me that the AVMA only wants to dictate policy, what the veterinarian can and cannot do, and it may be politically driven. The veterinary schools do not want to teach the procedure because they do not have an instructor who is qualified.

The breed clubs, of which there are 17 that require their breeds to be cropped, have been in existence for years, and there has never been a problem. Breeds that require cropping of ears and tail docking in their standards are there for the individual appearance and personality of that breed.

Ear cropping is a simple procedure, and only takes 30 minutes. Do the surgery in the morning and send the puppy home in the afternoon, returning for aftercare in two days. There is no more pain than a spay or neuter if done properly. In fact, the ear leather at eight weeks is so fine they hardly even realize it's been done.

If there are any veterinarians that would like to learn how to properly crop ears on any breed, feel free to contact me at erniewyatt@hotmail.com



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