It's OK to name drop


Personalize your greetings.

In a busy hospital with six doctors, it's hard to create a personal relationship with all the clients, says Denise Bunger, receptionist at Riverside Animal Center in Dublin, Ohio. "To make each client feel like a VIP, we begin each day by creating a cheat-sheet of sorts," she says. These sheets include important facts about each patient—name, owner's name, breed, color, appointment time, and attending doctor.

"That way, as soon as a patient and client come through the front door, we can stand up and greet them with a friendly and personalized, 'Hi Brownie, Hi Mrs. Taylor, we're all set for your appointment with Dr. Roads. Please follow me to room 3.'" The clients feel special that their pets get a personal acknowledgement even though we have so many patients, says Bunger. This creates a closer relationship that ensures they'll come back to us for future veterinary needs.

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