Is it worthwhile to become a certified veterinary practice manager?


I'm a manager considering professional certification. Is it worth the investment of time and money? In what ways will certification benefit me?

The certification process is valuable because it focuses on the trends in veterinary medicine and offers a framework for candidates to stay current with the veterinary field's ever-changing laws and regulations, says Viann Willits, CVPM, a practice manager at San Juan Veterinary Hospital in Farmington, N.M.

"While the certification itself is impressive, the process has broadened my knowledge and understanding of issues that practice managers must know to conduct their jobs effectively," Willits says. "My knowledge base is strong, and I am connected to other CVPMs with whom I can share information."

Willits says certification has also had an impact on her job responsibilities. She's been empowered to reassign daily tasks to other team members, freeing her to handle business issues the owners previously handled.

How credentials change your pay

"My employers have seen my dedication to my career and the hospital, and they appreciate the time and effort I have invested in certification," Willits says.

"My salary increased when I became certified, and I now play an integral role on our professional team," she says. "The practice's investment in me has also added to our accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association."

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