Interactive Canine Nutrition Resource Now Available

December 7, 2017
Amanda Carrozza

Amanda Carrozza is a freelance writer and editor in New Jersey.

A new series of interactive infographics from the Pet Food Institute shows pet owners how the nutrients in dog foods benefit their pets.

Many veterinarians are asked by their clients about pet foods. Unfortunately, all pet foods are not equal in quality or nutrition. And with so many choices available, it can be difficult for owners to know what is right for their pet’s needs. Now, a new resource is available to help guide them.

The Pet Food Institute (PFI) recently launched a series of interactive infographics illustrating how the nutrients in dog foods benefit pets. Targeted to pet owners, “Nutrition from Nose to Tail” provides simple facts about the essential nutrition that affects a dog’s growth and supports its body systems.

“Sound nutrition is a critical component of pet well-being. One step we can all take to continue to help healthy dogs remain healthy is to provide complete and balanced nutrition for the appropriate life stage of the animal,” said Cathleen Enright, PhD, president and CEO of PFI.

PFI, whose members comprise 98% of all pet food and treat products in the country, aims to educate dog owners that a “complete and balanced” pet food recipe will contain the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and proteins and amino acids considered essential to the overall health of an animal. According to PFI, a “complete and balanced” pet food recipe contains more than 40 nutrients that have been identified by veterinary researchers and nutritionists. The Association of American Feed Control Officials sets nutritional standards for the definition of “complete and balanced” based on these nutrients.


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“PFI's new Nutrition from Nose to Tail resource was designed to assist pet lovers in understanding how a carefully formulated recipe will help their dog,” said Dr. Enright.

The interactive menu on the Nutrition from Nose to Tail website is broken down into 6 key categories: fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids, fats, and carbohydrates. Each category includes a brief synopsis of its related vitamins and minerals, plus explanations for how each support a dog’s health, including metabolism, immune system, and organ function. The content is accompanied by an interactive visual element that highlights the correlating body system. The current resource focuses on canine health, but PFI says information about feline nutrition will be added in 2018.

Nutrition from Nose to Tail is the latest addition to PFI’s menu of tools and resources for pet owners on food regulations, the required Guaranteed Analysis on labels, food allergies, and more.

"When paired with responsible feeding, [regular] veterinary care and exercise, pet lovers can feel good about helping their pets enjoy a long and healthy life," says Dr. Enright.