Image Quiz: Fragile, hyperextensible skin in a dog


Correct answer: Fragile, hyperextensible skin in a dog, question 1

Cutaneous asthenia is correct!

Cutaneous asthenia, also known as dermatosparaxis, resembles Ehlers-Danlos syndrome in people.1-3 It is a rare skin disease in dogs and other species, such as sheep, cattle, mink, and cats.1-6 The syndrome is part of a set of congenital, hereditary connective tissue disorders, predominantly collagen dysplasia, categorized by weak and hyperextensible integument as well as poor wound healing, delicate vasculature, subcutaneous hematomas, joint hypermobility and laxity, elbow hygromas, and infrequent ocular signs.1-3,7-10

Question 2: How is this disease commonly diagnosed?

a) Results from physical and ocular examinations

b) Results from a physical examination, complete blood count, and urinalysis

c) Results from a physical examination and skin biopsy and by using the skin extensibility index

d) Results from physical and thoracic radiographic examinations


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