Idea Exchange: When it benefits pets, opt more for the syringe than the pill bottle

February 6, 2019

This prescription may enhance patient care and your production and hospital profitability.

(Shutterstock)Selecting appropriate injectables instead of pills works for me as one of the best methods to ensure owner compliance, practice high-quality medicine and increase my production and hospital profitability. For instance, I frequently use a praziquantel injectable instead of tablets to treat tapeworms. I'm also a big fan of injectable cefovecin for susceptible superficial and deep pyoderma infections instead of oral antibiotics. Use of injectable moxidectin every six months helps maintain good compliance and deters pet parents from purchasing oral heartworm prevention from various online sources. These are just a few examples of injectables that are widely used in clinical practice. Many pet parents thank me for using injectable instead of oral medications because of easier treatment adherence.

Brij Gupta, DVM, PhD

Denton, Texas