Idea Exchange: Tag products to simplify reordering


A way to keep tabs on your inventory-literally.

I developed a system for reorders at our clinic. I make a tag that looks like the product (printed from online and then cut and laminated) and attach it to a rubber band.

On the back of the tag, I write the product name, how many items to rubber band together (the reorder point), how many products to order at a time and where the product is ordered from.

If a staff member removes an item from the shelf that has a tag, he or she takes the tag off and puts it into a reorder basket. We have two baskets for easy access-one in the pharmacy and one in the treatment area. Now I know what we need and have all the necessary information to place an order. After I place the order, I put the tag in the already ordered basket.

When the item arrives, the tag goes back on the product (at the reorder point), and the item goes onto the shelf. 

Dawn Elza, LVMT 

Nashville, Tennessee

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