Idea Exchange: A photo collage makes for happy clients


How you can post a gallery of your patients on the wall to engage clients.

We photograph our patients when they come in for wellness exams. We put their pictures on their charts in the computer, and the photos print out on clients' invoices. We also go one step further and turn the patient photos into collages, which we hang on our clinic wall of fame.

While clients are waiting, they are able to look at photos of all the types of animals that we see. And I find myself looking at the wall with clients. I even help them find their pets. The collages make clients feel more connected to the clinic, and they help me to remember patients and their owners more easily.

I take all of the photos myself and upload them onto the Walmart photo website to make them into collages. It is easy and inexpensive, and clients love it.

Amber Brannon, CVT

Baldwin, Wis.

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