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A look at veterinary medicineand Veterinary Medicinethrough the years.

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1,000th issue of Veterinary Medicine. Vet Med 1989;84(4):1-84.

Rampey M. Editors' note: 100 years and counting. Vet Med 2005; 100(1):10-11. 

Loffflin J. The U.S. animal health industry: Its pioneers and their legacy of innovation. Lenexa, Kansas: Advanstar, 2009.

Where we're going... 

Mindy Valcarcel, Medicine Channel DirectorOnline! OK, Veterinary Medicine is already there at, but now we'll really be there. If you hadn't noticed our introduction of the Essentials this year, here are, well, the essentials: Online, we are giving you an ever- expanding resource that will capture the details you need for any disease or condi- tion or other veterinary clinical concern-and we'll continually update them. Here's our current list of curated content.

So with December came your last print issue of Veterinary Medicine. But the clinical content only gets more intensive from here. We know how absolutely necessary the tie is to business content to get the job done. You want to practice veterinary medicine. You need to make a living at it. (We know many of you are struggling financially). We've included client communication tools and business tips with each Essential, but now we're going beyond that. 

Get ready for Vetted. It's “Vet Ec + Vet Med, shaken not stirred,” which gives a big hint about the tone of this new publication. Immediately practical clinical and business tips with a touch of humor. Yep, we're combining the forces of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Economics into one power punch of a print publication. We're invested in all things veterinary-how wondrous is this profession!-and invite you to join in and become Vetted

So here's what to do to stay connected with Veterinary Medicine in 2016 and beyond:

> Read Vetted. (A no brainer.)

> Visit us daily on for new clinical updates every day.

> While you're on, keep coming back to our Essentials page to find out what new diseases we're delineating for you.

> Keep subscribing to the Medicine360 e-newsletter. Don't get it? Let's change that! 

> Keep coming to the CVCs-whether Virginia Beach, Kansas City or San Diego. We work with amazing clinicians. Let us hook you up. 

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