How to communicate the benefits of pet insurance


Matt McGlasson, DVM, CVPM, shares tips for demystifying pet insurance for pet owners.

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Pet insurance can be an overwhleming topic for pet parents. Matt McGlasson, DVM, CVPM, joins The Vet Blast Podcast to explain his approach to communicating the benefits of pet insurance to his clients.

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Matt McGlasson, DVM, CVPM: If you just tell your client to go home and find some pet insurance, they're going to get analysis paralysis. They are going to Google pet insurance and they're going to get about 5000 sites that come up telling them to buy this insurance or that insurance, and they're just going to give up; they're not going to make a decision. So, what I prefer to do is find like 2 [pet insurance] companies that you really stand behind and you've had great experiences with. Have those brochures ready in your exam rooms and say, "Here's 2 common pet insurance that a lot of our pet parents use here that we stand behind. Research these; look into these. This is the time to sign up while they're young."

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