How to cut the clinic cord when you clock out

August 25, 2017
Nicole Harvey

If you struggle to mentally distance yourself from your veterinary patients and coworkerseven when theyre miles away and youre off the clockread these tips and prepare to disengage.

Shutterstock.comAllowing yourself to disconnect from the veterinary clinic can be one of the most difficult parts of the job-especially when you're leaving behind hospitalized patients, pending lab work results or coworker conflict. Even in the bright sunshine of the world outside your clinic walls, all of these unresolved issues make you feel like you're lugging around a crushing weight. Is there any way to really disengage after you clock out? I think it's possible.

Are you concerned about a hospitalized patient?

Are you wondering how the pet is doing after everyone has left for the day? Talk to your manager about investing in a wireless live-streaming camera. (Check out the ones Nest makes here.) These fairly inexpensive devices cost less than $200 and can provide enormous relief to team members, who can check on patients anytime. And clients love knowing that team members are able to check on their pets throughout the night.

Is a coworker conflict keeping your mind on the hospital at night?

Never leave a conflict hanging. Address the issues that bother you with the person before you leave for the day. In other words, hash it out before you clock out. Even if it isn't possible to reach a resolution before heading home, you can at least know you did everything you could.

Are you worried about yourself?

Make time for taking care of yourself. Whether it's going out on a run, finding your Zen during a yoga session or reading a book, setting aside as little as 15 or 20 minutes a day for yourself can change your mindset for the better. Remember, to care for others you must care for yourself first!


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