Heart + Paw veterinary, grooming, and daycare centers announce co-ownership program


Now available for veterinarians on the east coast

Heart + Paw

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Heart + Paw, a multi-service pet care company announced a new co-ownership model, providing an opportunity for entrepreneur-minded veterinarians to design, build, and co-own a Heart + Paw practice.1

Currently, the Heart + Paw portfolio includes 10 de novo practices and 18 family partner locations and for a total of 28 locations across 10 states. Going forward, co-owned, brand new de novo practices will be the predominant model driving growth in the Heart + Paw portfolio, with new locations sought up and down the East Coast.

"We've designed an exciting, new co-ownership program that makes veterinary practice ownership in reach for entrepreneur-minded veterinarians. We are leveraging our deep experience building and owning veterinary practices by partnering with veterinarians who want to lead the future of veterinary medicine," said Heart + Paw Chief Executive Officer David Lasus. "Our veterinary co-owners will lead their practices while Heart + Paw provides them with expanded business expertise, mentorship, a community of like-minded practice owners and a best-in-class support team."

Heart + Paw works with prospective veterinarian co-owners to align on desired geography and ensure fit within the Heart + Paw community. Then, if needed, Heart + Paw will facilitate an arrangement with preferred lenders that provides access to the funding needed for co-ownership, a possibility that may be insurmountable to many who wish to own their own practice. Once approved, the team works together to identify the site, custom-design, build, and open a Heart + Paw de novo location. The co-owner and Heart + Paw are partners throughout the entire process, allowing for the new Heart + Paw location to be tailored to the skill set and expertise of veterinarian co-owner.

Some of the many signature elements of the Heart + Paw de novo centers include:

  • A welcoming family room courtyard where pet parents are encouraged to stay and work while their loved one is undergoing a procedure;
  • Separate canine and feline exam rooms designed to minimize patient stress with comfortable floor exam pads, lift tables, and cat-friendly exam shelving;
  • Separate state-of-the-art surgery and dental suites equipped with the most advanced equipment such as digital dental radiology, ultrasound, heated surgery tables, surgery lasers, state-of-the-art monitoring equipment;
  • Team-focused design with staff break room and doctors' offices;
  • Thoughtfully designed complementary services such as Grooming and Daycare with a focus on low stress, staff well-being, and client transparency; and
  • A client portal with real-time scheduling to deliver high-quality medical care, a superior customer experience and more!

Each co-owner will lead their Heart + Paw practice supported by a veterinarian-led operations team who provide medical and business guidance. Founded by a veterinarian in 2018, Heart + Paw was started to reimagine pet care and deliver pet-focused signature low-stress veterinary care experience for pets and pet parents. Each Heart + Paw is fully supported by a veterinary-led operations team and a community of like-minded veterinarians. The co-ownership model offers a turnkey, technologically forward practice; a comprehensive benefits package, and the ability to grow and share in the profits produced by the practice, according to a news release from the organization.

"We're actively seeking and partnering with like-minded veterinarians who want to lead the future of the profession and serve as an integral part of their local community," said Heart + Paw co-founder and Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. George Melillo. "At Heart + Paw, we empower your team to do their best work by providing them with the autonomy and a support network that includes training, mental and physical health benefit packages and attractive financial incentives."


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