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Harbor.vet by Suveto launches exclusive summer program for vet students

Press Release

Student Hospital Immersion Program (SHIP) offers experiential learning at veterinary practices across US and access to best, brightest, and most-driven veterinary students

Suveto’s Harbor.vet Student Hospital Immersion Program (SHIP) is an intensive educational program designed to expose veterinary students to the fundamentals of veterinary practice ownership and business leadership through real-world work experiences and a business-centered curriculum. This program is designed for highly motivated and enterprising students eager to learn strategies for adapting to the rapidly changing veterinary business environment and be exposed to veterinary practice ownership options. SHIP also offers resources in the areas of mentorship, growth opportunities, well-being, entrepreneurship, and peer-to-peer learning.

Only 50 students and veterinary practices will be selected and matched to participate in SHIPS’s inaugural 10-week, summer program, which culminates in a two-day celebration event in Philadelphia.

What’s in it for vet students

SHIP is for student leaders who value autonomy and seek thoughtful guidance and the opportunity to learn from seasoned animal health professionals. They learn the business of veterinary medicine and apply those insights and skills in a real-world setting. In this MBA-style program, SHIP students not only receive hands-on experience at top veterinary practices but gain access to invaluable resources, including expert guest speakers, peer-to-peer learning, an in-depth video series, and case study reviews to learn industry best practices.

How veterinary practices benefit

In a job market that far out-favors applicants, SHIP connects veterinary practices with best-in-class students. This builds capacity and helps veterinary practices form relationships with top talent who may potentially join their practice. It also enables practices to give back and share knowledge for the betterment of the veterinary community.

“The veterinary profession is at a pivotal moment. From changing consumer and worker preferences and corporate consolidation changing the ownership landscape – to poor wellbeing and burnout, there's a lot for us to collectively manage. We launched SHIP to meet some of the needs of the profession, starting with vet students and practice owners,” said Dr. Rob Trimble, VP at Suveto’s Harbor.vet. “This program is the first of its kind as it provides practices with much-needed access to talent and resources, all while fostering business intelligence, leadership, and entrepreneurship at the student level.”

Highly motivated, high-achieving, second- and third-year veterinary school students and practices within our current partner networks can apply now by visiting https://harbor.vet/ship/.

About Suveto

Suveto was founded by a group of veterinary professionals who came together with the goal of shaping a better future for the veterinary industry. The company tailors its services to meet the diverse needs of its veterinary partners – from vet school to clinical practice to retirement and beyond. The unmatched and extremely diverse portfolio of services includes helping veterinary medicine students gain knowledge and peer-to-peer support, supporting veterinarians who want to start their own clinics, funding for operational and expansion needs, and exit strategy development. For more information, please visit www.suveto.com.

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