Handout: How veterinarians can curb cancer pain

September 29, 2017
Timothy M. Fan, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (internal medicine, oncology)

Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine

Pet owners with questions about pain from cancer get some questions answered from this PDF clientand are urged to talk to their veterinarian.

The local veterinary practice can help with cancer diagnoses and the pain that comes with them. This free client handout explains. (Image Shutterstock.com)The true prevalence of cancer pain in dogs and cats is unknown, but it can be safely assumed that a substantial fraction of companion animals diagnosed with different types of cancer might experience discomfort and reduced quality of life. Derived from comprehensive human cancer studies, the incidence of cancer pain in terminally ill people can approach 65 to 85%, and it's likely that a similar majority of pet dogs and cats with advanced cancer syndromes also experience a high rate of cancer-associated discomfort.

This handout for your veterinary team to offer clients covers the basic concepts behind different types of pain and medications for the veterinary client facing a pet's cancer diagnosis and needing to know how pain control will help.

Click here or on the picture of the handout to download this PDF for your use.