Fiery takes on feline declaws


Some of the strong opinions about feline declaws are captured in these candid, anonymous thoughts from the Veterinary Confessionals Project.

“Be kind. Don't declaw.”

“Feline declaw is not cruel as long as it's done with a CO2 laser and LOTS of pain meds. Better than being euthanized in a shelter for being destructive.”



“Give me all the angry, aggressive, alligator-rolling, bitey, clawing kitties. I LOVE working with those little bastards! – Crazy Cat Vet”

“I detest vets who declaw yet don't inform clients of possible issues or explain what the surgery really is!”



“My mother-in-law (in her 80s) can't have a cat unless declawed. Severe cardiac and epidermal issues. Even a small dog causes bleeding and infection. Cat is her lifeline, and [she] takes superb care of cat into late teens. I declawed her cat with blade and pain meds. Yes, I am ‘old school.' Next morning when bandages [were] removed, [the cat was] batting toys all around. There are right reasons and wrong reasons. Right techniques and wrong techniques. No one size fits all.”

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