Fetch serves up the Veterinary Confessionals Project on multiple levels

October 11, 2017
Gabrielle Roman, Content Marketing Manager
Gabrielle Roman, Content Marketing Manager

Gabrielle Roman is the Content Marketing Manager for the dvm360 team. She helps brainstorm, produce and promote all the excellent content you can find on dvm360.com and the print publications dvm360 magazine, Firstline and Vetted. In 2018, she was named a Folio: Rising Star Award Honoree.

Now a feature for the Fetch exhibit hall, the Veterinary Confessionals Project is expanding into other avenues to bring the profession together.

By now, you may be familiar with the Veterinary Confessionals Project exhibit at the CVC-now Fetch, a dvm360 conference. (If not, get all the info here.) This project gives veterinary professionals the opportunity to anonymously pin their thoughts to the ever-evolving exhibit in the form of postcards.

Founded by Dr. Hilal Dogan, and powered by dvm360, the project embodies the goals of Fetch, a dvm360 conference, by giving veterinarians tools to deal with their emotional well-being in addition to brain food. Filling out secrets allows attendees to express themselves freely, without being judged, and encourages creativity and solidarity within the veterinary community.

At this year's conference, in addition to the interactive space in the exhibit hall, dvm360 expanded the project in two ways-all part of that effort to bring more interest and innovation the conference experience.

The first was an evening session led by Dr. Dogan, “Why the Veterinary Confessionals Project could help heal the profession-and you” that focused on healing and sharing experiences in safe space. This session wasn't the typical lecture, and instead focused on meditation and discussion with candles and aromatherapy and alternative seating in the form of inflatable couches and yoga mats. Low lighting enhanced the serene atmosphere in the room.

The second expansion was a secret theatrical performance that centered around the project to bring awareness of the struggles veterinary professionals face (and let us all laugh and groan together a little). The Fetch dvm360 staff scattered around tiny invitations throughout the venue for attendees to find, bringing something a little more fun to the performance.

Veterinary professionals can submit their confessions here year-round, which the dvm360 team often include in the exhibit. The confessions are also curated into topics of interest and included in galleries on the website, allowing attendees to engage with the project throughout the year.