Fetch dvm360 speakers up the ante with veterinary Cards Against Humanity spin-off

September 13, 2017
Gabrielle Roman, Content Marketing Manager
Gabrielle Roman, Content Marketing Manager

Gabrielle Roman is the Content Marketing Manager for the dvm360 team. She helps brainstorm, produce and promote all the excellent content you can find on dvm360.com and the print publications dvm360 magazine, Firstline and Vetted. In 2018, she was named a Folio: Rising Star Award Honoree.

The deck is stacked with these Fetch speakers, who have found a way to work in the oh-so-scandalous card game into their sessions.

Cards Against Humanity is marketed as a ‘party game for terrible people.' The prompts are innocent enough, but the answer cards often veer into the offensive and grotesque.

In the Fetch, a dvm360 conference, session “Veterinarians Against For Humanity: A career adventure game for (un)conventional professionals,” sponsored by Banfield, Sarah Wooten, DVM, Kimberly Therrien, DVM, and Caitlin DeWilde, DVM took a slightly different tack. The cards, now veterinary-themed, are still funny and sometimes pretty disgusting, but the idea is to become a better veterinarian and someone who feels much less terrible.

What better way to empower the crowd than give someone a card that proclaims their superpower is a wicked ability to castrate?

The session mixes interactivity and hilarity with something a little more serious. It turns out each prompt has a right answer that's less goofy. These answers address difficult issues facing veterinary professionals, focusing on six specific issues that women in the profession go through (not surprising considering the session was coordinated by the Women's Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative [WVLDI]. Drs. Therrien and DeWilde are active WVLDI board members).

Is working harder making us happy? Is there a way to juggle the 5,000 tasks you have on your to-do list and your career? What goals do you have and how in the world can you accomplish them?

By discussing their own personal struggles and career paths, Drs. Wooten, Therrien and DeWilde deliver inspiration but also a tangible end. They reached the goals they wanted-and they're still trying! These successful women admit that they still struggle to let things go and or still fight to get family time and work sorted out the way they want.

You. Can. Do. This!

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The doctors' take-home message? Have your tribe. Wonder Woman has the Amazons to support her. Who do you have to back you up when you feel like screaming into the void? It's all about supporting each other and finding out how everyone can make their way through.

The session ends on a note to drive you forward. Write down what you want to accomplish on your card. Date it and keep it at your desk as a reminder. This action goal leaves you with a little token of the session but also a reminder that you can fight your way through tough times. All it takes sometimes is that first scary step forward.