Episode 44: Veterinary storytelling and education—A labor of love

March 11, 2021
Kelsey Gustafson, Associate Editor

On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Dr Adam Christman is joined by KinderVet cofounder, veterinarian, and author Dr Jacqueline Johnson, who talks about her newfound love for storytelling and the recent release of her veterinary children’s book series.

For small-animal veterinarian Jacqueline Johnson, DVM, combining her passion for veterinary medicine, education, and storytelling has become a labor of love.

The mother of 2 and bookworm says she enjoys reading picture storybooks and sharing workplace stories with her 2 young daughters, so much so, she was inspired to write a series of veterinary storybooks for children.

“I’m always telling my kids about my work stories, and they absolutely love them,” she tells Adam Christman, DVM, MBA. “So, one day, my husband suggested that I write my own book about my [veterinary] stories, and I thought it was a great idea and within 2 weeks, I had my first draft of my published book, The Doggy Doctor and The Upset Tummy.”

In her talk with Christman, Johnson shares more about her newly released book and other upcoming projects.

Johnson’s first children’s novel, The Doggy Doctor and The Upset Tummy is about a dog who eats all the wrong foods and ends up needing surgery to remove them. This story was inspired by Johnson’s profound passion for veterinary surgery. She’s currently working on her next book about a turtle with a broken shell who’s in desperate need of repair.

“I have all of these book ideas floating around my head, and it’s turned into a labor of love,” says Johnson, adding that her hope is her stories can shed light on the positive aspects of veterinary medicine.

“Our profession is rewarding in so many ways, and I love sharing that with kids. But I think it’s also important to have the honest conversation about what it really takes to be a veterinarian when they’re older,” she says.

Johnson is also the cofounder of KinderVets, a platform that originated on Twitter with a goal of educating curious children and adults of all ages about veterinary medicine.

Teachers, scout leaders, parents homeschooling their children, or others curious about the veterinary profession can go here, fill out a form, and Johnson will hook you up with a free educational virtual visit with a veterinarian. What’s more, there’s also a resource section on the KinderVet website for veterinarians.

Listen below for more from Johnson on her unique children’s book series and her passion for veterinary education.