Encourage dental compliance with a goody basket


This veterinary practice increased compliance by giving clients a choice.

After performing a dental cleaning on a patient, our technician meets with the pet's owners to discuss discharge instructions. During that conversation, she shows the client a basket full of items that are good for pets' teeth: veterinary toothpaste and a toothbrush, a dental diet, a drinking water additive, and oral hygiene chews. The technician explains that brushing the pet's teeth is the best home care clients can provide, and she describes the role that other products play. She asks clients what they think will work best for them. Clients can then purchase the product and try it out at home. Since clients get to choose, they're more likely to use the product and come back for more when it's gone. The result? Our dental product sales have risen by 30 percent. And best of all, our patients receive good dental care at home.

—Dr. Melisa Hicks, owner, Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital; Signal Hill, Calif.

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