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Jennifer Vossman explores the wide range of expert hands-on training that awaits you.

The love and passion for animals is what brought us all to the veterinary profession. The industry is always changing: new discoveries in medicine lead to new treatment options, better surgical procedures, and advanced tools and equipment. To stay abreast of all of these changes, attending a high-quality continuing education conference is invaluable.

Jennifer Vossman

When I was in practice, the CVC in Kansas City was always my favorite CE conference. It was—and is—easy to get around and priced affordably. It offers seminars that accommodate different levels of expertise and experience and provides hands-on learning in wet labs for veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

And the exhibit hall! I will never forget the first year I attended—I stepped into the exhibit hall and became a kid in a candy store. There were so many new products, devices, instruments, and educational materials—even jewelry and clothes. I could hardly contain my excitement.

The CVC in Kansas City is just around the corner, Aug. 22 to 27, and I'm already getting excited. But this year the excitement for me is different. This year I am not an attendee; I am a CVC team member. My job is to help ensure that we offer and conduct clinical training in cutting-edge and up-to-date subjects.

This year's labs offer hands-on instruction by experts who will enable you to

√ Optimize your orthopedic surgical approaches

√ Relieve chronic ear disease

√ Learn optimal stifle stabilization techniques

√ Refine your pain management procedures

√ Perform the most often needed soft tissue surgical techniques

√ Confidently practice dental procedures from basic to advanced.

And those are only a few of the labs we're offering!

I am eager to start setting up and do everything I can to make the experience as helpful for you in practice as possible. Transforming that convention center meeting room into a surgery or dental suite brings me and our equipment and instrument providers delight. But the real joy and payoff is not only to offer a hands-on experience, but to witness attendees learning and practicing skills valuable in practice.

I hope that you are as excited for the upcoming CVC in Kansas City as I am and that you will consider the great benefits of participating in a hands-on laboratory. I am eager for you to see the final product of my many days of planning, anticipating, and organizing everything needed to provide you with an educational and enjoyable experience. See you in August at CVC in Kansas City!

Jennifer Vossman, RVT, is the laboratory program coordinator for CVC in Kansas City, CVC in San Diego, and CVC in Washington, D.C.

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