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If you haven't visited our Web site, www.vetmedpub.com, lately, give it a try.

If you haven't visited our Web site, www.vetmedpub.com, lately, give it a try. We know you've wanted to access our journal online, and now you can. Read all the departments in the current issue when you visit the site, as well as past departments. Toxicology Brief, Dermatology Update, Practical Matters, Ophthalmology Challenge, Idea Exchange, Dental Corner, and much more of the clinical information you use every day are now available for your virtual library.

Mindy Valcarcel

While you're there, be sure to sign up to receive the table of contents for each issue by e-mail. This e-mail now includes links to read the departments online right when the e-mail hits your inbox. We send these e-mails shortly before each issue arrives in your nonvirtual mailbox to help you plan what you want to read first. You can also sign up to receive the e-mail table of contents by sending an e-mail to join-veterinarymedicine@listmgr.advanstar.com.

A new feature on our Web site is VetMed Search, a veterinary-exclusive Web search engine. You'll find the icon near the top on the left-hand side. If you type "behavior problems" or "exam table" in any regular search engine, you get tons of sites that have nothing to do with veterinary medicine. But type these keywords into VetMed Search, and you'll find sites pertinent to the veterinary profession only. VetMed Search links to thousands of online resources such as veterinary-related associations, government agencies, academic and research institutions, and suppliers. So you can stop struggling to come up with which keywords might get you what you want and start finding exactly what you need.

Of course, we still have our annual indexes, client handouts and forms, and much more on our site. We'd love to hear any feedback you have about our online presence, as well as your topic suggestions or thoughts on article content, authors, and cover artwork. Just e-mail me, or try our general mailbox at vm@advanstar.com.


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