Edgar Allen Paw and more wacky pet names of 2020


A Chinese crested dog and a capricious black cat took highest honors in Nationwide’s annual Wackiest Pet Name contest.

Every year, Nationwide dives deep into its company database to select the most distinctive and eccentric names among its list of furry members. Last month, the company announced that Scarlett No Haira and Edgar Allen Paw topped its 2020 Wackiest Pet Names list.

“While we all love a descriptive name like Goldie, or those that captured the zeitgeist like Rey or Bella, pet parents who take a unique approach to pet naming are also very much appreciated at Nationwide,” says Nationwide Chief Veterinary Officer Jules Benson, BVSc, MRCVS, in a company press release.

“Whether the moniker is meant to be funny, ironic, or just plain nonsensical, giving an intentionally uncommon name shows a special thoughtfulness about a pet’s place within a family,” says Benson.

Here’s a look at the top 5 wackiest cat and dog names of 2020. Let’s start with dogs.

Top 5 dog names

1. Scarlett No Haira

Scarlett No Haira

Kathleen Carter named her pooch Scarlett No Haira after leading Gone With The Wind actress, Katie Scarlett O'Hara.This cinema moniker earned Scarlett the #1 spot on the 2020 Wacky Pet Name list for dogs.

2. Anakin Tailwagger

Anakin Tailwagger

Anakin tailwagger’s owner Desiree Crissman is a longtime fan of the Star Wars franchise, so it was only fitting she name her dog after leading character Anakin Skywalker.

3. Andre Igoudala

Andre Igoudogla

“Iggy” Andre igoudala’s owners are hardcore fans of the Golden-State Warriors basketball team, which explains why they named him after former Warriors small forward Andre Igoudala.

4. Joan of Bark

Joan of Bark

Pet owners Jorge and his partner got lost on their way to pick up Joan of Bark. “We had to pull into someone’s driveway to make a U-turn,” says Jorge. “We noticed a suit of armor in the home. We had been going back and forth on names and when I saw the armor, it just came to us.”

5. Madame Squishy Van Wrinkleface

Madame Squishy Van Wrinkleface

As an esteemed English bulldog, Cassandra George and her husband agreed their pet deserved a distinguished name. They cosigned on Madame Squishy Van Wrinkleface.

Top 5 cat names

1. Edgar Allen Paw

Edgar Allen Paw

As avid lovers of all things macabre, the Montoya family named their temperamental, black cat Edgar Allen Paw after famous Victorian horror writer Edgar Allen Poe. This unique gothic name earned Edgar the #1 spot on the Wacky Pet Name list for cats. “He’s a bit moody like any goth teen and he’s always on the prowl sneaking around, ready to pounce on unsuspecting victims,” says his owner Brian Montoya.

2. Admiral Turbo Meowington

Admiral Turbo Meowington

When owner Nikolous and her family rescued Admiral Turbo Meowington, she came with the name “Turbo.” The rest of her unique name was inspired by a Starship Enterprise rug and a Borg Cube rug that she enjoys laying on. “Since she was in charge of 2 ships, we named her Admiral… and Meowington, well, that was just cute,” said Nikolous.

3. Captain Sushi

Captain Sushi

Desirea Smith was in a rut about what to name her newly adopted cat until her brother suggested “Captain Sushi.” She admitted that the name tickled her so much that she made it official.

4. Copurrrnicus


Scott Maggio and his wife enjoy a good pun, so naming their adventurous mixed tabby Copurrrinicus seemed felicitous.

5. Ella Whiskers Oreo Hurst

Ella Whiskers Oreo Hurst

After endlessly searching for a black cat with white socks, owner Sara Hurst finally found her Oreo-cloaked cat at a local shelter and decided to name her Ella Whiskers Oreo Hurst.

For the full list of the wackiest dog and cat names of 2020, go here and here.

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