dvm360 product report: Behavior resource, synthetic cadavers, topical CBD and more


Heres our regular rundown of new and noteworthy veterinary products.

Dog Nerds

Behavior resource for clients

Dog Nerds is a veterinary-client-facing distance-learning company designed to bring high-quality, science-based behavior modification treatment to people who do not have access to resources for treating their dogs. While a course can't replace a high-quality dog training professional, Dog Nerds-which features the expertise of veterinary behaviorist Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB-hopes to fill the gaps so pet owners can get quality treatment for their animals no matter where they live. Dog Nerds focuses solely on addressing serious behavior problems through scientifically based, humane and effective behavior modification treatment advice.

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Synthetic feline and equine models

SynDaver, a biotechnology company specializing in the creation of synthetic humans and animals for medical testing and training, recently unveiled new equine and feline models. The SynDaver Synthetic Feline, dubbed “CopyCat,” is a full-bodied replica of the feline anatomy complete with synthetic muscles, tendons and bones and is intended to replace the use of cat cadavers in educational laboratory environments.

The SynDaver Synthetic Equine models were developed through separate collaborations with the University of Florida and Texas A&M University. Equine procedures that can be practiced on the UF model include tracheotomy, ophthalmology and ocular enucleation, as well as a transtracheal wash. This model also features jugular vascular access, supporting blood draws and fluid administration. The Texas A&M model has anatomically correct oral and nasal cavities, which can be used to train for endotracheal and nasotracheal intubations, dental inspections and more. It features a full neck with a guttural pouch, esophagus and lower airway that allows for gastric and airway endoscopy. This model also contains vascular access through jugular veins and has facial arteries and nerves for palpation, catheterization and blocks.

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Innovet Pet Products

Topical CBD balm

Heal.protect.wag Balm is a topical cannabidiol (CBD) product utilizing 14 research-backed ingredients that all target inflammation in some way. The balm targets the source of conditions ranging from mild issues such as dry skin to chronic conditions such as degenerative joint disease. Direct application alleviates discomfort in specific parts of the body while providing pets the benefits associated with hemp CBD oil. It is safe for pets to lick and offers a no-mess consistency that absorbs quickly.

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Engler Engineering

Water circulator pump

Engler Engineering's new water circulator provides reliable warming/cooling therapy during surgery, after surgery and during recovery. This remote-controlled warming/cooling system for the veterinary market also provides a digital LED display of the temperature. The reusable, durable circulator pads (sold separately) are available in three sizes for surgical tables and cages.

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