Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald: How was your vacation?


Have you taken a break this summer? If not, Dr. Fitzgerald recommends doing so ASAP.

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How was your vacation?

When I was little, I always hated the 4th of July because it meant that the summer was nearly half over and that school was just around the corner. I was sad because I loved the summer and all its unique opportunities-catching frogs at the lake, riding bikes, hanging out at the neighborhood pool and doing cannonballs. Even now, the smell of certain suntan lotions takes me back to another time. Life is much simpler when we are children, and much more vivid!

How was your summer? Could you enjoy it, or did you watch it fly by on the calendar in your office? Did you enjoy those tennis or golf games that you promised yourself last December? Did you buy a mountain bike or take that hike that you've been thinking about? Did you play hooky on a Tuesday and take your spouse or your child for a ballpark hot dog and the seventh inning stretch? What about vacation? Did your dream excursion finally materialize, or did you make the same excuses: "The economy," "The kid was playing soccer," or "Next year will be better"?

The New England Journal of Medicine recently linked people that reported that they liked their jobs with people that took regular vacations and time off. Have you been cross with staff members lately? Have you been a grouch? Easily stressed and irritable? Maybe it's time that you "stepped away from the rickshaw." Maybe you should let someone pull you for a change.

It's no coincidence that the most successful veterinarians are also the most well-rounded. They remain connected to their friends, families, and loved ones. They are grounded and have outside activities that they look forward to pursuing. I advise you take some time off. Your family, your attitude, your co-workers, and, not least of all, your clients will appreciate the rested you. Take that trip. Even if it is for the weekend. Book it today. Do you want me to call for you? You can't take care of anyone else if you don't take care of yourself.

See you soon, Kev

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