Dentistry, nutrition, orthopedics and behavior: What you missed in class


Our article collections will get you up to speed on these sometimes glossed over topics in veterinary school.

"I guess I've gotta catch up on a little reading." (Shutterstock)If you caught any of dvm360's coverage of our latest Leadership Challenge "What I didn't learn in vet school," you've seen several areas of veterinary practice some of your colleagues-and maybe you!-felt a little ill-prepared for once you stepped out of the classroom and into an exam room. Four clinical areas your colleagues identified as things they wish they had received a little more preparation for were dentistry, nutrition, orthopedics and behavior.

In our online Veterinary Medicine Essentials, our goal is to provide the latest and most complete information on clinical challenges you face every day. We took this chance to make sure the Essentials associated with these areas are all up-to-date and ready for you to continue your learning. No need to crack open a book-it's all right at your fingertips.

Periodontal disease

Nutrition nuggets

Obesity in pets

Canine cranial cruciate ligament injuries

Canine house training

Feline inappropriate elimination

Separation anxiety

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