Cool stuff we do

August 24, 2016

We write, we film, we act, we curate, we doodle ... Join us!

When we say we're 360, we're 360. Here are all the ways we currently engage with veterinarians and veterinary team members.

Articles: We write fetching highlights of your CVC presentations, compiled by listening to your recorded sessions.

- Taking the bite out of tooth extractions

- The great acute pain management pyramid

Video: We ask you to communicate the main idea of your CVC presentations to get your thoughts and passions on everyone's mind in your own words.

- At-home diabetic monitoring: How much should you charge?

- Think it's dementia? Remember DISHA


Audio: We pick out key excerpts from your CVC presentations to help educate the more auditorily inclined readers.

- Don't be ashamed of your dermatology dilemma-Use these tips!

Plus, we craft engaging content with the people we admire-you!-in our podcast series Your Veterinary Voice, gathered during the CVC.

- Brian Conrad

- Bash Halow

- Hilal Dogan

- Sarah Wooten

- Heather Lewis

- Lisa Radosta

And many more!

Tools: We make your handouts or tools sing and share them with the world. We'll even provide customized URLs to share in your CVC presentations.

- Client handout: FAQ about chemotherapy in pets

Scribbling and bibbling: Our creative team listens to your CVC presentations and draws up doodles to help promote the presentations and drive home key points.

- How to talk to clients about cancer

- Pain management and profit: How to heal the hurt

Curation and packaging: We identify our best articles on key topics.

- The Essentials

- Toolkits

- Team Meeting in a Box


Even more?! We get emotional-and funny!

- Vet Confessionals project

- Front Desk Disasters

- Back Office Blunders

- Coffee on the Couch

As yet uptapped

- Google hangouts with readers

- "Homework" for attendees before the CVC and follow-up after