Comprehensive coverage of the battle over low-cost spay/neuter clinics in Alabama


The contentious debate on the role of the state's low-cost clinics continues.

Ala. spay-neuter veterinarian guilty on only three charges

ASBVME rejected the judge's recommendation to find Dr. Margaret Ferrell not guilty on all 29 charges, but the 26 rulings they did agree on contradict long-held assertions by opponents.

Judge recommends Alabama spay-neuter veterinarian be found not guilty after administrative hearing

Dr. Margaret Ferrell is touted as 'one of the best surgeons he has seen in 42 years' by expert witness, while dissenters continue to claim non-profit, low cost clinics are unfair competition that provide substandard care.

Alabama spay-neuter clinic veterinarian appointed to controversial ASBVME

In ironic twist, Dr. Margaret Ferrell, a target of the Alabama state board, is appointed by the governor to serve on it.

Ala. state board finds veterinarian guilty after controversial hearing

Charges against Dr. William Weber became the center of the ASBVME's public battle against nonprofit spay/neuter clinics.

Blog: Alabama's at it again with bills regulating veterinary shelters

Massachusetts looking to establish veterinary technician board.

President of the Alabama state board sues VMA

Battle continues to wage on in veterinary community.

Spay-neuter legislation supported by veterinarians in S.C., Ala. gets left behind

Three bills affecting nonprofit clinics fail to garner vote before sessions end.

Ala. veterinary board accepts AAHA accreditation in lieu of inspection

Hospitals that meet AAHA's 900-plus standards will be exempt from state board inspection.

Alabama veterinarians take sides on nonprofit spay-neuter clinics

Bills introduced in state legislature would determine extent of nonprofit clinic limitations.

Alabama spay-neuter conflict called a 'PR nightmare' for veterinarians

Pressured by public, legislators and state VMA, board votes down amendment targeting nonprofit clinics.

Hotly debated amendments to Alabama practice act voted down by state veterinary board

Public shows up in support of non-profit spay/neuter clinics

Conflict over nonprofit veterinary clinics escalates in Alabama

State veterinary board proposes changes to practice act; lack of consensus prevents state VMA from taking a stance.

Alabama spay-neuter bill dies quiet death

HB 156 allowing veterinarians to work at nonprofit facilities never reaches final vote; issues between clinics and ASBVME may be far from over.

Spay-neuter bill passes Alabama Legislature

Controversial bill would allow veterinarians to be employed by nonprofit facilities in the state.


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