Client form: Feline household resources survey


Use this form to investigate a cat's resources and environment within a home.

Click here to download a PDF of this form that investigates a cat's resources within a home. To use this survey, review answers on each of the basic needs (space, food and water, litter boxes, social contact, and body care and activity) with clients after they have completed the questionnaire. First, thank the client for completing the survey. Next, identify any rows marked "DK" and clarify the intended meaning for the client to get an answer. Then praise the owner for all "Yes" answers, and explore the importance of any "No" answers. The objective is never to blame the client for any deficiencies but to identify areas of improvement in the basic needs systems that the client thinks are changeable. The priority box can be used in conversation with the client to decide the order in which to address improvement in areas where "No" responses were identified.

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