CityVet Offers Autonomy of Practice for all DVMs


One of the many benefits of working at CityVet or owning your own practice with CityVet is the autonomy offered to our owner/partners.

Our veterinarians are given the freedom to pursue individual practice areas that set them apart and also continue to fuel their passion for pet care. A few examples of our exceptional DVMs and their specialty areas of practice include:

Monica Wang, VMD

Specialty: Acupuncture

Wang, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, is a certified animal chiropractor by Parker University and certified in acupuncture and herbal medicine by the Chi Institute in Florida. Born in Beijing, China, Wang grew up with Chinese medicine and wanted to share her knowledge through her practice. She specializes in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) which focuses on balancing the body and diagnosing by identifying an excess of certain traits vs a deficiency of certain traits and pushing the body in the opposite direction. If one approach may not work, Wang will have an alternative that may!

You can learn more about Wang and her services through the following link:

Erin Tate, DVM

Specialty: Exotics

CityVet's Veterinarians are top-of-class practitioners commissioned to deliver the highest quality medical care. Our DVMs are passionate and trained in various practices to give your pet the best care possible!

Tate has been with CityVet for over 20 years and has seen our company flourish as we continue to grow. Tate is one of our few DMVs trained to treat exotic pets; she is the type of doctor who loves to be challenged, and treating exotic pets brings a new challenge for her to conquer daily. Growing up with her father being a professor, she has a deep love for teaching and showing people the greatness of her profession; this love has led her to be very involved in our mentorship program. Tate has had six employees leave to go to med school and come back to work for her after graduating! She is also on the University of North Texas Board of Advancement. We are so proud of Tate and couldn't be happier to have her as a part of our family!

You can learn more about Tate's practices through the following here:


Matt Murphy, DVM

Specialty: Soft Palate Surgery

Murphy has known he wanted to be a veterinarian since years old. He started his journey to veterinarian medicine by working at a vet clinic when he was only 16 years old, later attending Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and now practicing as a soft palate surgery specialist with CityVet for the past 18 years.

Murphy believes being a veterinarian is his calling rather than just a job - it is his passion. Murphy is grateful to be a part of the CityVet family because it allows him to focus on his practice and do what he loves, while CityVet helps manage all the details of owning his own practice seamlessly. He has a strong drive to provide the best medicine for his patients and to exceed his client’s expectations while including them as an integral part of their companion’s care.

You can learn more about Murphy’s practice through the following link:

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