Chinese medicine food energy therapy explained


During a dvm360® interview, San Diego Fetch faculty member, Dr Patrick Mahaney, provides a brief overview of this therapy and its benefits in veterinary patients

In a dvm360® interview, Fetch San Diego faculty member Patrick Mahaney, VMD, CVA, CVJ, president of California Pet Acupuncture & Wellness Inc and chief veterinary officer of Pure Dog Food, breaks down Chinese medicine food energy therapy and how the warming and cooling effects of food can be used to address various veterinary conditions.

The following is a partial transcript of the video.

Patrick Mahaney, VMD, CVA, CVJ: You can use the Chinese medicine food energy therapy to have this therapeutic effect on the body. You can get a cold arthritic hypothyroid dog up and moving and feeling a little better by having this Qi warming energy going into it. But if you have this allergy prone autoimmune cancer patient, you might want to use more cooling foods to have this cooling effect.

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