Cats take over the world


No pussyfooting around, these could be the purrfect enrichment for refined felines bent on world domination.

Images courtesy of Poopy CatThey say imitation is the finest form of cattery. And if that's the case, these Landmark play houses for cats just might be the purrfectly pawsome solution for the bored housecat. The AVMA advises indoor living for cats in urban and suburban areas of the United States. But, as you know, the upscale life of an indoor cat also requires opportunity for cats to engage in their most basic investigatory and communication behaviors, including scratching, chewing and elimination.

Could these inpawsably adorable play houses be the purrfurred meowt-let for cats to take over the world, one amazing locale at a time? From the Sphinx in Egypt and the Eiffel Tower in France to the Taj Mahal, St. Basil's Basilica in the Kremlin and even the White House, these made-from-recycled cardboard play houses seem poised to be at least the second product people think of when they see it's made in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Fun fact: The company, called Poopy Cat, claims they are as Dutch as cheese: They charge their phones with windmills, their office would be flooded without the dams and tulips are valid currency. A cause for applawse: they encourage shelter adoptions by offering free litter boxes to new caretakers.

While the play houses, available on Kickstarter, can also be used for supervised dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and other house pets, we think it's going to be a purrfurred place for kitties who think inside the box. 

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