Cat climbers create paws-itive cat visits


This practice found the purr-fect cat climber for their feline patients. No kitten around. Fur real.

Cats are litter-ally climbing the walls at Cary Street Veterinary Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. That's because the veterinary team created a meow-ntain for cat visitors in the form of an over-the-door cat tree in their feline exam room. Dr. Amy Learn championed the idea and Marian Paulachak, veterinary assistant, helped her set it up.

“Cats and owners love it,” Paulachak says. “I think cats enjoy being able to jump and climb somewhat out of the way of the exam table, and they aren't being forced to remain on the table or floor. It gives them a sense of ownership of the room and therefore confidence.”

Purr-haps you're worried about the climber's over-the-door location. To avoid cat-astrophes, they mounted the climber on the exam door that leads into the lobby-not the door to the treatment area, where the veterinary team enters and exits. This way kitties enjoy their catwalks undisturbed.  

Tom, the clinic's house cat, takes a stroll on the cat climber.

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