Cat carriers: Turn fright cages into friendly furniture


Show clients how to turn cat carriers into cat nap beds.

Randolph's cat, Maxx, sleeping in his carrier bed.Getting more cats into our practices is the big push these days, but lots of cats fear their carriers. It's time to make the carrier just another everyday household item. Our Maxx's carrier is essentially a piece of furniture to him. It's his bed.

Suggest to your clients that they open their cat's carrier and make a permanent bed. This works with most styles of carriers. We use a pet bed for lining, but towels work too. Be sure to put it in a secluded spot where he can feel safe while he sleeps. Periodically put a treat in the bed, so when the cat comes to nap in it, or passes by, he'll get another positive experience. Once the cat accepts his new carrier bed, the days of running away from the carrier will be over.

Dr. James Randolph is owner of Animal General Hospital in Long Beach, Mississippi.

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