Case 7


Roscoe's primary abnormalities are mild, nonregenerative anemia and a mild elevation in ALP activity. The anemia may be more clinically relevant given that Roscoe is dehydrated. The elevation in the ALP activity is mild, and no other liver values are elevated, so you opt to take a wait-and-see approach with that. Nothing in his lab results explain his vomiting. You talk to the owners about hospitalizing Roscoe overnight to treat his dehydration and vomiting. They agree, so you administer lactated Ringer's solution intravenously and give him a dose of maropitant subcutaneously. You decide to keep him off food for now.


What are some possible causes of Roscoe's mild, nonregenerative anemia? (There is more than one correct answer.)

a) Anemia of chronic disease

b) Pre-regenerative anemia

c) Bone marrow disease

d) Iron deficiency anemia

e) Endocrine disease


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