Case 2



Spot is a 9-year-old castrated male terrier mix.


Spot is seeing you today for his routine annual examination. His owner does not think Spot has any problems other than he's slowing down a little-he seems to be a little slower on his walks and take a little longer to rise when he gets up from his dog bed. He is not receiving any medications or supplements other than a heartworm preventive, and he eats a high-quality commercial senior dog food. He has a good appetite, and no change in water intake has been noted.

Physical examination findings

• BAR (very friendly), T-100.3 F, P-70, RR-panting

• Lenticular sclerosis in both eyes, waxy debris in both ears

• Oral examination-pink gums, mild dental disease

• Mildly dry coat

• BCS 5/9, no change from previous visit

• Abdominal palpation reveals moderate hepatomegaly, no pain upon palpation

• Decreased range of motion in hip joints, no crepitus noted, mild muscle atrophy of pelvic limbs

• Rest of examination is unremarkable  

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