Case 12


You instruct the owners that standard hand hygiene is typically sufficient-washing hands or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer after touching any animal is always recommended. In addition, they shouldn't let the pet lick people's faces or areas of broken or damaged skin.

Wyatt initially does well. At a two-week phone update his owners reveal that he is receiving treatment as prescribed and his ears and skin are looking much better, but itching remains a concern. The itching mildly improved the first week when the prednisone was administered daily but has started to worsen again on every-other-day therapy. The owners currently rate his pruritus at 7/10.

It is possible the itching will improve over the next week as the infections begin to resolve, but you are concerned and recommend a recheck in the next seven to 10 days if the itching persists.


You are concerned that Wyatt's pruritus is not responding to prednisone as well as it has in the past. Which pruritic skin disease is typically considered highly responsive vs. variably responsive to prednisone?

a) Food allergy dermatitis

b) Flea allergy dermatitis

c) Malassezia dermatitis

d) Sarcoptic acariasis

e) Superficial pyoderma

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