Caring for senior pets


Dr Adam Christman and Dr Lisa Lippman sit down to discuss the ins and outs of caring for senior pets, and what makes them so special

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On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, our host Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, celebrates all the great benefits of owning a senior pet with Lisa Lippman, DVM. Together, the pair discusses what it is like to own a senior pet, the meaning of time toxicity in veterinary medicine, resources available to veterinary professionals to learn more about treating and understanding their older patients, and more!

Below is a partial transcript

Lisa Lippman, DVM: I always [and] I just did a post on this the other day that old age is not a disease, right? And so whenever clients come to you and say, 'Oh, they're slowing, you know, that they're slowing down or they aren't jumping on the bed, it's just old age,' but it's not it's arthritis, right? Or maybe systemic, something like an endocrinopathy or something that we can oftentimes [treat] and that we can make so much better. But mobility is a big factor for you know, for seniors for quality of life for both owners and pets, right because... like [its] so difficult when you your pet when your senior pet can't mobilize.

Adam Christman, DVM, MBA: I think veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation has come such a long way now, right with where we're at, you're learning about at-home exercises that you can do, physical therapy exercises, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, laser, shockwave, the list goes on, where animals are moving better and feeling more comfortable in conjunction to that multimodal approach

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