The cardiology toolkit


Let's get to the heart of the matter: Veterinary teams need the most up-to-date information on diagnostics and communication techniques to protect pets' delicate hearts. This toolkit provides the resources you need. (With an educational grant from Boehringer Ingelheim)

Click the image to download a PDF of this toolkit. Heart conditions: A complex topic to say the least, since there are so many causes and clinical signs to master. We've gathered our best articles on this delicate organ to make sure your veterinary patients' outcomes are a success instead of a failure.

Clinical updates

> Cough! Gasp! Is it my heart or my lungs, doc? When a veterinary patient presents with coughing, you know you must distinguish between a cardiac or respiratory cause. Which is it? This veterinary cardiologist helps you sort through your differentials.

> Meet the top 10 most common arrhythmias in veterinary patients: This cheat sheet next to your ECG machine can cut down on your differential deliberation.

> When is having a 

big heart a bad thing

? This study suggests that heart enlargement may be predictor of sudden cardiac death in Doberman pinschers with dilated cardiomyopathy.   >

One fright, one less heartbeat

: This cardiologist that the intense effects of the fight-or-flight "sympathetic storm" in pets from scary veterinary visits can wear out their hearts before their time.   

Practice protocols

> Unclog your congestive heart failure protocols using dvm360 hacks

> Educate clients with prewritten, ready-to-use posts and tweets on heart disease

> Get to the heart of CHF with client communication tips and tools

Team tools

> Most team members are familiar with finding a heart murmur in a patient. But what is a heart murmur, and how serious is this condition? What can you do to advocate for the best cardiac care for your patient? Here's how to get your team to understand the "thrill" of arrhythmias.

> Murmurs, loud and clear: This cardiologist preps the team to listen for heart murmurs and be able to ID their locations. 

Client handouts

> Congestive heart failure for dummies-no, clients are the dummies! But there's a good chance they need help learning about this common condition in pets. Use this handout to put things in terms they understand.  



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