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See more of the Hospitals of the Year

More about the 2018 General Practice Hospital of the Year

You can see right through Northpointe Veterinary Hospital in Yuba City, California, and that's a good thing. Learn how this hospital's all-glass approach makes the team's workflow crystal clear.

More about the 2018 Specialty Practice Hospital of the Year

Does the idea of a general practice with specialty referral and 24/7 emergency services all under one veterinary hospital roof make your head spin? It's just another day at the office for the nearly 200 employees of Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Learn any-size-hospital tips from a XXXL-sized one.


Check out even more advice and inspiration here ...

Choosing your design team

Keep it local and veterinary-specific when hiring an architect

The right planner will anticipate and handle your headaches and red tape.

How engineers save veterinarians' butts

An engineer's input can make sure your new veterinary hospital is suitably powered, ventilated and safe for patients.

Upcoming construction project? You be the veterinarian and let someone else project manage

This hospital design expert says vets must resist the urge to undertake what will essentially lose them money.

Talk to your veterinary architect (and get what you need)

HospitalDesign360 conference educator Wayne Usiak, AIA, shares common (but avoidable!) client mistakes-Are YOU guilty of these?

Practice financing

Veterinary hospital financing: How to get the funds you need

It may not be the most fun part of the process, but it's arguably the most important.

The biggest financial mistake in preparing for a veterinary hospital design project

This CPA says you should get your document ducks in a row.

Cost estimating will save headaches later on

Help your veterinary construction project stay on point and on budget with this critical assistant.

Veterinary loans don't HAVE to be scary

Feel out of your depth talking the practice owner into a new piece of expensive equipment or planning your own startup or practice purchase? You're not alone. Here's the short answer to, “What do I need to think about when I borrow a lot of money?”

How much money do you need to build your veterinary hospital?

The veterinary practice of your dreams may require some serious cash. Here are some back-of-the-napkin calculations you can do to figure out if you can get what you need, courtesy of veterinary finance guru Gary Glassman.

Financing for veterinary building projects has become more flexible

Gary Glassman, CPA, shares an encouraging five-year trend.

5 ways to keep costs down while building

Veterinary design projects are a serious investment. Use these tips from Dan Chapel, AIA, NCARB, to help you keep it manageable in the process.

The building process

How to love your hospital design contractor

Here are four ways to be really happy with the person overseeing the subcontractors and job-site workers who are building your dream veterinary hospital.

What in the world is a schematic design?

The dream-into-reality moment of your veterinary design project explained.

Veterinary facility engineering trends

An expert's take on the details that may prove important to your project

Veterinary hospital design must include people wellness

A healthy and productive staff leads to better patient care.

Two tips for potential leasehold veterinary practices

Wayne Usiak, AIA, shares strategies for location selection and maximizing small spaces.

Building new? Plan now for AAHA certification

These design touches won't just get you points on your AAHA accreditation score. They're industry standards that HospitalDesign360 conference educator Heather Lewis, AIA, hopes to see in every veterinary hospital, every time.

Room-by-room advice

The trend in veterinary clinic lobby design: An actual design

Just because the space was created by an architect doesn't mean the design work is done.

The evolving veterinary reception area

Flex that space for the benefit of clinic and clients.

Exam rooms that shine

This crucial space can set the tone for the entire visit with your clients. Use these tips from veterinary architect Dan Chapel, AIA, NCARB, to keep your space functional and beautiful.

Live the dental suite life

Thinking of adding a separate dental area to your veterinary clinic? You'll want to incorporate these tips into your design.

What your next surgery suite could look like

You can appeal to fun, style and client satisfaction everywhere else in your hospital design. The surgery suite is where you keep it real ... real CLEAN.

Holistic treatment areas

These spaces are functional and stress-reducing for veterinary patients and the teams working with them.

How to teach a lab new tricks

This area is often a forgotten space in your hospital, but highly trained team members spend a lot of time working in this space. Putting thought into the design will foster better patient care and staff efficiency.

Are designated euthanasia comfort rooms a veterinary hospital design must-have?

Maybe not, experts say. Service, rather than separate space, should shine.

What makes a veterinary practice street sign work (and what doesn't)

Don't let your sign detract from the quality care you provide. Use these tips to boost your curb appeal.

Fear Free design

How is Fear Free affecting veterinary hospital design?

Listen to how veterinary architect Heather Lewis thinks the approach is reformulating facility design.

Designing Fear Free: Get your ideas out there

If the plan is too crazy or expensive, your architect will rein you in!

Fear Free: What you see is not what the cat or dog gets

Architect Heather Lewis is working with veterinary experts to figure out what colors could help calm canines and felines in a veterinary practice.

Is separating species in a veterinary facility too costly?

Smart design can keep stress low and patients at ease.

Exam tables in the age of Fear Free veterinary care

Choice of materials-and the tables themselves-have changed for the betterment of patient care.

How senses differ for animals and humans in veterinary hospital design

Veterinary architect Heather Lewis is here to remind the veterinary world that even man's closest of animal companions still sees, smells, hears and experiences very differently in crucial ways. Keeping that truth in mind helps immensely when it comes to designing a low-stress environment.

LED lighting: Affordable, flexible, and low-stress friendly

Advancing technology isn't just for your instruments and software.

Keeping your new facility clean

Interior finishes and infectious disease: Dos and don'ts from a veterinary architect

As veterinary hospitals get more creative in design and look less like hospitals, it's still important to use easy-to-clean finishes. Follow these tips from Heather Lewis, our favorite neat freak.

Disease and aerosolized muck-oh my!

Face it: Some areas of your practice are, well, kinda gross. Let this cleanliness-focused veterinary architect show you better ways to be germ-free.

Remodeling your facility

3 steps to increase curb appeal for your veterinary practice

Would someone driving past your handsome practice building stop to bring in a beloved family member? Would a current client give up on you and find another veterinarian because it looks like you just don't care about how old and dumpy your practice looks? Join us for a totally free, three-step program to boost your veterinary hospital's curb appeal-and attract new clients. Sign up, get the emails and get to work!

Small change, huge impact

If your reception area could use a refresh, start with the reception desk, says veterinary architect Heather Lewis. That one change will make a big difference in your space.

Spruce up your veterinary hospital to attract new associates or buyers

Small touch-ups and an objective look at your space will go a long way in getting an associate or other potential practice buyer interested.

Make your $5K remodel budget REALLY COUNT

"Place that money where it does the most good," says veterinary architect Dan Chapel.

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