Boarding exotic animals for better business


Even if exotic pets aren't your thing, have you considered giving your veterinary business a boost by boarding these special pets?

Even if you don't normally offer veterinary care for exotics, you can board them. You can offer your clients reliable caretakers who will closely watch their pets and intervene on their behalf if a problem arises.

Ready to give it a go?

Exotic pet boarding is an easy service to offer for most species so long as owners provide all supplies and bring enough food to last the entire visit. Problems can occur when there is an abrupt change in the pet's routine or the type of food offered (e.g. when food runs out and is replaced with different brand), or when subtle signs go unnoticed (e.g. no new droppings for several days). Make sure your staff learns to properly set up cages and keep them clean. Most exotic pets are natural prey items for carnivores. Keep your birds and other exotics from line of sight with dogs and cats. If possible, house them in a warm, quiet section of hospital, away from dog and cat noise and odors.

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