The biggest financial mistake in preparing for a veterinary hospital design project


This CPA says get your document ducks in a row.

The execution of a hospital design project is naturally fraught with dotting i's and crossing t's-but Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference speaker Gary Glassman, CPA, says you need to do a lot of homework before even before your first meeting with a lender.

Gary Glassman knows the money. Learn from him:

Do you even know how much money you need for your project?

Maximize tax savings when constructing a new clinic.

Financing for veterinary building projects has become more flexible.

"Impress a banker when you go to get your financing," he says. "Have the complete package put together. They're all going to look for tax returns and (personal and professional) financial statements."

Watch the video to hear more and to learn what Glassman calls the biggest mistake you can make in the process.

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