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Shawnee Mission, Kan.-Bayer Animal Health is extending its commitment to an educational partnership program between veterinarians and pediatricians to help prevent the spread of parasitic zoonoses, the company says.

More than half of all U.S. households with children also have pets. Butmost pet owners do not understand the threat presented by zoonotic diseasesor realize that children are especially at risk, according to a survey ofpediatricians conducted by the company in 2000. In addition, 73 percentof responding pediatricians indicated they see cases of animal-to-humanparasitic zoonoses every year.

Chris Jacobi, product manager at Bayer Animal Health, says, "Theresults of that survey really underscore how important it is to keep educatingpet owners, particularly those with children, about the risks of parasiticzoonosis. That's why Bayer is making an ongoing commitment to educationalefforts and calling on pediatricians and veterinarians to help bring thefacts to pet owners, parents and interested consumers."

The goal of the educational partnership program is to make it easy forpediatricians to discuss parasitic zoonoses with pet-owning parents.

Bayer says that a national public relations campaign is also workingto build awareness. The company is also providing information to veterinariansthrough professional meetings on parasitic zoonoses, educational supportkits for veterinarians and pediatricians. Complimentary materials includeposters, take-home tips on zoonosis prevention, educational brochures onstrategic deworming and videos.

The company has also created a Web site,, to offer moreeducational materials. For more information, call (800) 633-3796, option4.

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