Banfield to launch veterinary technician appointments


The nations largest hospital chain expects to complete 30,000 tech-only appointments in nearly 300 hospitals by year end.

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Veterinary technician appointments: Start thinking

We tackled the prospect of veterinary technician appointments back in 2010. Here's a sample of some articles you'll want to dig into if you're ready to empower credentialed veterinary technicians, fit in more appointments and free up doctors for work only they can do:

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Banfield has announced plans to launch credentialed veterinary technician appointments nationally. By the end of October, nearly 300 Banfield hospitals nationwide will offer these appointments, with services in partnership with a veterinarian and in accordance with local laws, according to a release from Banfield.

“[These] appointments are intended to provide continuing care initiated by one of our veterinarians,” says a Banfield representative.

Services at the visits could include:

  • ear cleanings and nail trims

  • anal gland expression

  • medical grooming (without sedation)

  • vaccines (excluding rabies)

  • routine fecal exams

  • deworming

  • heartworm tests

  • flea and tick preventive administration

  • doctor-ordered lab work

  • client education on topics like nutrition and diabetes

  • other services based on state regulations and agreements between each doctor and credentialed veterinary technician.

The hospital chain expects to complete 30,000 credentialed veterinary technician appointments by the end of the year.

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