Banfield childrens book emphasizes preventive care


Banfield Pet Hospital is taking client education to the next level, publishing a new children's book that emphasizes responsible pet ownership and preventive care.

My Very, Very Busy Day was created in partnership with 11-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis, aspiring veterinarian and star of the upcoming musical film Annie. Oregon-based artist Ray Nelson wrote and illustrated the book.

“Just like my own dogs, the pets in this book are very, very busy, and they count on their owners to take really good care of them,” says Wallis. “I've always loved animals and dream of becoming a veterinarian when I grow up, so I'm very excited for this opportunity to help teach kids about what pets need to be happy and healthy!”

The story is written from a pet's viewpoint and follows a day in the life of two four-legged friends as they visit the veterinarian for their six-month check-up, where the veterinarian listens to their heart, checks their eyes, ears and teeth, and makes sure they are free of fleas and ticks.

The book also features Banfield's “Best Friend Promise” for children, which includes a list of actions children can do to help care for their pet. Activities such as providing fresh water, regular exercise and proper identification, among others, are all important components of being a responsible pet owner.

Banfield veterinarians Ari Zabell, DVM, director of client advocate support in Portland, Ore., and Jessica Trice, DVM, chief of staff in one of Banfield's Chicago hospitals, provided medical expertise for the book.

“Responsible pet ownership and the importance of preventive veterinary care are learned through education-it is never too soon to teach children the importance of properly caring for a pet,” says Zabell. “No matter how young a child is, they play a significant role in the family and in the life of a family pet-it's important they build good habits at an early age when it comes to providing the best care possible for a pet.”

The book will be available at all Banfield Hospitals for a suggested donation of $10. It will benefit Banfield Charitable Trust.

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