AVMA considers dues increase


Schaumburg, Ill. - AVMA dues may be going up in 2010.

SCHAUMBURG, ILL. — AVMA dues may be going up in 2010.

As the American Veterinary Medical Association begins building its 2010 budget this month, Treasurer Bret Marsh says an increase will be looked at due to the increasing cost of doing business and the downturn in the economy.

The Executive Board would consider any proposed dues increase in the spring. If recommended, the House of Delegates would vote on the matter in July.

The $250 membership dues comprise 60 percent of the AVMA's operating income. In 2008, dues were projected to make up $16.6 million of the association's $29 million budget.

Since membership has continued to grow and other revenue streams have remained steady, such as money from the annual convention and display and classified advertising in JAVMA, an increase has not been needed since 2004, Marsh says.

The AVMA reported a 10 percent hit in investments this fall following broad stock market declines.

Dues support AVMA educational programs, scientific activities, communications, publications and the staff in both Schaumburg and Washington.

Still, AVMA dues are less than many other organizations. American Medical Association (AMA) members pay $420 per year, while members of the American Dental Association (ADA) pay $489 and those in the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) pay $544. That's not why the AVMA would consider an increase.

"We can't look at just the near term," Marsh says. "We need to look at it in the long term so we can remain strong into the future."

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