Artificial intelligence blood smear: the complete hematology story


How digital cytology and artificial intelligence blood smear analysis are impacting veterinary medicine

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On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Cory Penn, DVM, discusses the artificial intelligence blood smear feature of Vetscan Imagyst digital scanner.

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Cory Penn, DVM: So the AI blood smear evaluation is going to be an essential step in overall patient health assessment, as it provides the qualitative evaluation of those blood cells that cannot always be detected with those automated cell counts as we all know being practitioners. AI blood smear evaluation is going to complement...both the point of care and reference laboratory. Automated hematology counts, and we know that those should be performed regularly with every [complete blood count], it's especially important, are integral for those sick animals and those with hematologic abnormalities. A blood smear is going to enable us as veterinarians to confirm those results assure quality and then provide additional insights to help guide diagnosis and treatment.

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