ACVC 2019: Why your veterinary practice should go needle free

November 8, 2019
Jenny Cassibry Fisher, RVT, VTS Oncology

Jenny Cassibry shares the key benefits of needle-free technology

Needle sticks are common in veterinary practice. In fact, every time Jenny Fisher, RVT, VTS (Oncology), director of education at PractiVet, asks a lecture audience whether they have ever accidentally stuck themselves with a needle at work, "100% of the people in the room raise their hand."  

At this year's Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference (ACVC), Fisher told dvm360 that chronic needle use in veterinary medicine is definitely a problem.

“There is this kind of safety lapse in thought…that just because we aren't working with people, and some of the bloodborne pathogens that people may pass on, that it's not dangerous, and that's just not the case,” she said.

In this video, she explains how going needle free not only improves the quality of patient care we provide but also reduces waste and saves the practice money-and offers practical ways to start reducing needle use.